Mapping and Visualizing Data from The City of Sacramento's Open Data Portal

by Dara O'Beirne (GIS Specialist City of Sacramento)

City of Sacramento Open Data Portal

  • Built using the ArcGIS Online Platform
  • Publicly available API
  • Currently has approximately 60 datasets
  • Will be an ongoing effort to expand
  • Released May of 2017
  • Here

Geoservices ArcGIS REST API

  • Limited to a 1,000 max record return per request
  • No key required
  • Can use pagination with query URL parameters
  • Read more about it here

Python Toolbox

Let's view Code

Folium example is here


ArcGIS API example is here 


  • Python package management
  • Great for multi-version environment
  • GIS professionals use ArcGIS (python 2.7)
  • Create a virtual environment: "conda create -n envname"
  • Start your virtual env: "source activate envname"
  • Replaces "pip":

       "conda install jupyter"

  • Start notebook: "jupyter notebook"

Jupyter Notebook

  • Browser based console
  • Useful for visualizing data and mapping
  • Use of "magic" (%%bash) 

Run a cell: "ctrl + enter"

Insert a cell: "b"

Magic: "%%javascript"


ArcGIS Python API

  • Pythonic way of interacting with ArcGIS Web platform
  • Access the API github repository here
  • Experiment with it here

Thank you!!!